Fast measurements with CAN FD

The fast CAN FD provides more bandwidth than CAN with less complexity than FlexRay. Typical application areas of the new imc CAN FD interface are found mainly in the automotive industry, which requires faster bus systems due to the increasing data volume.  CAN FD is a robust and cost-effective alternative to FlexRay. imc integrates CAN FD into measurement systems New

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Worldwide smallest High Speed Stand Alone Camera

Product News Speedcam MicroVis, the smallest storage camera worldwide The SpeedCam MicroVis is the first choice for all applications where high speed recordings are required in difficult-to-reach locations, or where space is extremely limited. The light sensitive sensor is surrounded by the most modern microelectronics combined with a unique housing design. This makes the SpeedCam MicroVis the smallest storage camera

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Durability testing in focus

Solutions for durability and fatigue testing How do vehicle components behave under extreme loads? In which areas is a component stressed and how can it be optimized? How is the material fatigued after thousands of test kilometers of a prototype fleet? Durability testing provides answers to all of these questions. Measurement systems for extreme environments imc CRONOS-SL for durability testing

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