Vehicle Dynamics

ATS provides complete solution for vehicle dynamics testing including-
1. Sensors
2. Robots for Driverless Testing
3. Data Acquisition Systems
4. Data Analysis Software

Driving Robot for Precise Measurement

For application of precise and repeatable inputs to a vehicle’s steering system to gather high quality data quickly we offer steering robots of AB Dynamics and Stahle that can be used to form part of a path-following or even driverless system.

SR15 and SR60 Orbit steering robot is a lightweight geared steering actuator. The Orbit mounts behind the standard vehicle steering wheel without the need to remove the airbag.

Stahle AUTOPILOT SMC2000 series achieves high reproducibility of driving cyclefor optimization of consumption and exhaust gas parameters. It has quick and easy installation of the driving mechanism in the vehicle.
 robotic driver
RT2000 Family of INS

The RT2002 inertial navigation systems from Oxford Technical Solutions combine high-grade gyros and accelerometers with cost-effective GNSS technology to deliver a complete dynamics solution on a budget. It has 1 cm position accuracy and 0.2° slip angle accuracy.

GPS and INS based Sensors

A complete testing solution combining the high accuracy, low latency vehicle speed measurements from either the SPEEDBOX MINI or SPEEDBOX-INS with the flexible data logging abilities of the new DL2 data logger. The DASH4PRO connects to either unit and will display measured parameters from both the SPEEDBOX and the DL2.

CATS systems is complete integrated system speed sensor – logger – Display. It is ideal for brake, chassis and end of line testing. It gives unbeatable accuracy from speedbox-INS speed & vehicle altitude sensor.


SPEEDBOX MINI Is suitable for most straight line testing: pedal triggered brake tests, measuring deviation from a line under braking, acceleration timings, general high accuracy accel/speed measurement, gradient measurement etc.

speedbox_mini copy

Vehicle Dynamics Sensors

Kistler is the global market leader in dynamic measurement technology. Kistler offers innovative solutions for the best-possible measurement results in vehicle testing with the reliable, very robustly constructed and absolutely precise sensors.

Correvit S-Motion is optical sensor for a high-precision measurement of distance, speed and angle in vehicle dynamic testing application. It also determines pitch & roll angle, GPS position, acceleration and angular rate with very low signal delay of 6 ms.


The introduction of new driving assistance systemsrequires increased performance of testing equipment. Kistler MSW sensors perfectly meet the demands of modern automotive engineering. It measures steering moment, angle and speed.


High End Data Loggers

The new imc CANSASfit series works reliably from -40° to +125° C, has a protection rating of IP65.The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read or recorded by any measurement, automation or control system with a CAN interface.

The imc CANSASflex series offers a wide selection of measurement modules with the innovative imc click-mechanism, the modules are electrically and mechanically connected to each other – without the need for tools or cabling.

KISTLER new DTI logger for vehicle performance and vehicledynamics with 16 Analog channels and digital channel. With easy user interface channels can be configured easily. Data can be monitored graphically as well as numerically.