Noise Vibration And Harshness

ATS offering various solutions for NVH testing requirements like:
1. Interior and exterior Noise Measurement Sensors
2. Data Acquisition System for NVH measurements
3. Noise Source Detection System
4. High End Playback Systems
5. Listening Studio
6. Analysis Software

HEAD VISOR – System for Online Localization of Sound Sources in Real Time

HEAD VISOR is an innovation from HEAD acoustics GmbH in the area of microphone array technology that suits localization, visualization, quantification and auralization of sound sources  its unique, spiral-shaped microphone layout and its sophisticated algorithms, provides outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for acoustic analysis.3 cameras continuously tracks the distance of objects& calculate exact SPL emitted from the respective positions.

Untitled.pngBrake Noise Detection and Analysis

Brake OBSERVER, HEAD acoustics developed a software solution which is capable of distinguishing disturbing brake noise including “Off-brake noise” from normal operating noise and, thus, can deliver excellent detection results.The elimination of brake squeals is of increasing importance in the development of new brake systems.


imc WAVE:- Software for sound and vibration analysis

Take a first look at imc WAVE, the new software for sound and vibration analysis with imc measurement systems. Various analyzers cover a wide range of applications: from acoustical inspections during road tests, structural analyses on the test bench, up to vibration testing . Additional synchronized data acquisition of signals such as force, pressure, strain, temperature, GPS, etc. – for analyses and correlations.

H3S:- HEAD 3D Sound Simulation System

The HEAD 3D Sound Simulation System, H3S is a software for a true-to-life and interactive playback and simulation of vehicle interior sounds. With H3S (Sound Car) you can measure Low-frequency airborne Sound which is generated by a subwoofer located, for example, in the trunk, to restore the realistic sound balance. Also can measure Vibrations of the engine and the steering wheel (e.g. caused by the tires) are reproduced by Actuators on the driver’s seat and the steering wheel.

PROGNO[I]SE:- Software for the Binaural transfer Path Synthesis(BTPS)

PROGNO[I]SE Software identifies the cause of disturbing noise, differentiation of sound caused along with the estimation of  the acoustic possibilities  for improving and modification .customization of Model structure can be easily done in  PROGNO[I]SE Software also multiple receivers can also be defined like seat and steering vibration that to be optimized and synthesized.