SIL/MIL/HIL/VIL – Simulation Solutions

Virtual test driving is our specialty, and we are convinced that this test method can be used to master the current requirements of vehicle development. In accordance with the automotive systems engineering approach, we help you use virtual test driving to develop and test systems and system networks in their entirety within the whole vehicle in realistic scenarios. Our entire product portfolio is geared toward this method – including our products CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker.

CarMaker is an open integration and test platform and can be applied throughout the entire development process – from model- to software- to hardware- to vehicle-in-the-loop. CarMaker’s impressive performance guarantees flexibility, productivity and precision for all simulation tasks, thereby ensuring significant savings in cost and time for the development of your vehicle.

In addition to a complete simulation environment with tools for test automation and the visualization of virtual test runs, the simulation solution includes numerous interfaces for third-party tools, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your existing development process. With its supported standards and the converters offered, CarMaker is also ideal as a central integration platform.

HIL systems: Compact powerhouses

We would be delighted to support you through the hardware-in-the-loop stage of your development process. This is a critical phase for component and system testing where you can employ our powerful HIL systems to facilitate the best technical development of your systems, taking them towards a higher level of maturity. Read More…

Test benches: Individual design for maximum performance

Our objective is to support OEMs and suppliers throughout the entire development process, including the HIL phase. At this stage, all components must be put through their paces to ensure they function perfectly when they are needed. Read More…

VIL systems: Connecting real-world and virtual test driving with ease

Our vehicle-in-the-loop technology helps you bridge the gap between HIL tests and real-world test driving. This technology involves having a test driver in a real vehicle maneuver around an open space, while test scenarios are virtually transmitted to the driver via a display. By embedding real components in the virtual environment, you can perform realistic tests – and at the same time, your test scenarios can be reproduced and automated as you please. Read More…

Perfect Fusion of Methods and Tools

Combining software, hardware and driving experiencefor leading-edge virtual test driving.

Application Areas
1. Vehicle Dynamics
3. Powertrain