Active & Passive Safety

Active Safety

We provide end to end solutions in active safety including IMU’s, Cameras, GPS, ECU’s, Laser scanners, Software of analysis & communication.

Passive Safety

ATS provides a range of Test Rigs, Sensors, Data acquisition systems, Dummies (analog and digital), DPS Systems, High Speed Cameras, etc.

New Products & Solution from Pioneer in Passive Safety

With the steady increase in road traffic volumes, requirements for vehicle safety are becoming ever stricter. Crash tests play a crucial part in making automobile traffic safer and drastically reducing the risk of injury to human occupants. Whether pre-crash, crash or post-crash systems are used, they all need state-of-the-art measurement technology to achieve these vital goals.

Kistler offers high-precision sensors, reliable data acquisition systems, along with the smart crash barreire with customer-focused services and cutting-edge application software to handle complex measurements.

Variety of Sensors offered from Kistler for Crash Testing Portable Modular designed on-board DAQ system

Kistler – Smart Crash Barriere

Microsys & Conceptech (ALTRAN group):

The ALTRAN group (Conceptech-Microsys) are providing world class equipments to the Automobile manufactures along with TEIR1 supplier especially Air bag manufacturers from the pioneers in safety from its group company (Microsys). The SureFire airbag deployment system , the cold gas inflation system along with the PowerPlay image and sensor analysis software is the complete package meeting the current automobile sector.

The other main product available with ALTRAN Group from their portfolio are Universal Impactors Test Systems/Rigs that are been used worldwide in the R&D to match the standard issued by the International Automobile agencies.The universal impact test rig is one of its kind in the world which facility the customer to perform all the basic as well as the precise test.

Jasti:- World Class Dummy Makers

Nowadays, it is reported that number of fatalities caused by the traffic accidents are more than 1.2 million in the world. So the automobiles are evolving day by day to assume our safety and it is becoming more safer . Traffic Fatalities ZERO society will be not realistically.

But ATS along with Jasti are moving ahead and are pleased to introduce the Anthropomorphic Test Dummy matching the international standards that is the urgent requirement of Indian Automobile sector .By using these dummies various kinds of car crash tests, frontal impact and frontal offset impact can be easily and accurately performed.

HS-Vision :- the speedcam Company

HS-Vision is Closely orientated to the needs of the market, and within just a few years after being founded at 2006 the company has advanced to its position on the market today.

The philosophy of High Speed Vision is ‘Professional After-Sales Service’.

HS-Vision are providing expert solutions from a single source. These include high speed cameras, network components (LINKBOX), and high performance LED lighting for on-board (NANO-the unique of its kind in the world) and off-board operation which are very much need in the current scenario in the Automobile industry along with the software which provides comfortable setting for all the components from Camera to recurring test parameters to be easily stored and recalled with drag and drop Also the systems for Climatic chambers.