ATS provides complete solution for Durability testing including
1. Sensors
2. Ride Simulators- Post Rigs
3. Driving Robots
4. Rugged Data Acquisition Systems
5. Data Analysis Software


Accelerometer Sensors from Kistler

This Light weight 10.9 mm cube accelerometer offers three 5-40 threaded holes for flexible stud mounting on a test object fully utilizing each mounting side. IP68 Integral Cable Waterproof version is also available.


For measuring wheel forces (up to 20 kN) and moments (up to 4 kNm) on the test track.
For research into vehicle dynamics, tire testing and capturing road load data for virtual and experimental simulation with cars.


imc CRONOS-SL is a highly compact, super-robust mobile measurement system, for applications in tough environments. Conforming to MIL STD810F, one of the highest standards for temperature, environmental contaminants, and shock resistance, the signal conditioning, AD-conversion, online processing and data storage are integral components of the measurement system. This makes imc CRONOS-SL ideal for measurement tasks involving long duration testing and monitoring tasks: e.g., on board vehicles, machinery or at outdoor measurement sites, where regular measurement equipment often fails to meet the environmental conditions. This system works autonomously and without a PC. The Data generated can be stored either in device and/or PC.Precision amplifier with integrated signal conditioning for all conventional sensors. It also allows high sampling rates for dynamic measurements down to the acoustic range.

Durability Testing solutions by SERVOTEST
One of the most trusted brands in Servohdraulic  test & Motion Simulation

4- & 6-post road simulator systems are designed to reproduce the vehicle responses experienced under both normal and extreme driving conditions. These systems are frequently used to test vehicle body, chassis and suspensions components to establish their performance characteristics and durability. Other specialist applications include quality control and ‘squeak and rattle’ assessment. While the most common form of these rigs is the 4-post this can easily be extended to 6 (or possibly more)-post configurations for larger vehicles with additional axles; such as trucks and some larger buses.

Servotest linear actuators are modular in design and provide many options for stroke, force and flow capacity. The Servotest hydrostatic bearing actuator rang are suitable for a wide range of dynamic and static test applications including vibration, shock, fatigue, resonance testing and testing of materials, components, assemblies and structures.