Performance Testing


Testing vehicle dynamics constitutes a pivotal aspect of automotive engineering, ensuring the desired performance and stability. Within Automotive Test Systems (ATS) labs, comprehensive services are offered for performance, handling, and cooling assessments of vehicles.

  • Acceleration and Brake test
  • ABS performance test
  • Steering effort and returnability tests
  • CSFC trials & Duty Cycle
  • In cabin/Pass By Noise measurements
  • One tool for different analysis requirement.
  • Physical Measurement of Vehicle C.G.

  • Coast Down measurements
  • Speed Governor test
  • Wheel Slip Measurement
  • Range Measurement (EV Vehicles)
  • Power Measurement (EV Vehicles)

Optical Speed Sensor

Correvit L-Motion sensors enable direct, slip-free measurement of longitudinal speed in vehicle driving dynamics tests. They are designed for application under extreme testing conditions, e.g., measuring longitudinal dynamics on snow and ice as well as wet surfaces.

Wheel Speed Sensor

Wheel Pulse Transducer is used for measurement of the wheel speed of vehicles. The calculation of wheel speed, distance and vehicle speed is possible. The WPT is suitable to perform slip, acceleration, ABS tests and various other measurement tasks.

GPS Speed Sensor

SPEEDBOX MINI is very high accuracy non-contact speed sensors which it output a low latency, non-interpolated speed measurement comprised of GPS and inertial data combined using an adaptive filter for exceptional performance even in non-GPS ideal environments.

Fuel Flow Meter

The PFM is suitable for all types of fuels. The fine measurement resolution guarantees precise results - especially in the field of modern hybrid drives. The field of application ranges from two wheelers to trucks and special vehicles.

Pedal Force Sensor

The Pedal Force Sensor measures forces, which act on the brake pedal and on the handbrake. Similarly, Hand Force Sensor is used to measure the force of a handbrake lever of motorcycles. The easy attachment is done by means of clamping bracket or a strap.

Throttle Position Sensor

Rotary position sensor specifically used for sensing throttle position. 97° rotation position sensing range. The hollow rotor allows insertion of a ‘D’ profile shaft from either side to give clockwise or anticlockwise rotation measurement.

Pass-by Noise Test System

Pass-by (drive-by) noise testing systems is suitable for both cars and motorcycles. The systems are based around a compact, customized Peli case that mounts on/in the vehicle and a trackside PC and sound meters. With a wireless data link between the vehicles mounted kit and the trackside PC. All data and results are recorded to the trackside PC in the Performance Monitor software, and test results and data are feedback to the vehicle mounted display for instant feedback.