Soft Targets & Platforms

EuroNCAP Vehicle Target

Universally applicable measurement steering wheels for non-contact measurement of steering moment, steering angle and steering speed; for vehicle driving dynamics tests like ISO 4138, steady-state circular course drive.

Flex-Moshon Towing System

EZMotion is a high speed stereo vision system capable of recording motion, relative motion, deformation of different components in a structure. Single or multiple units can be connected to register all important motion from, for example, the suspension systems.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Target

The LHS is used for non-contact distance measurement, for pitch and roll angle measurement as well as for dynamic camber angle measurement. The sensor works according to the triangulation principle and is available with different measuring ranges.

Dynamic Platform for VRU

VRU (Vulnerable Road User) platform for seamless usage in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing, providing a realistic environment to assess vehicle interactions with pedestrians and Cyclist.

Guided Vehicle Platform

The Guided Soft Target (GST) is a pilotable target system which looks like another car to your test vehicle. The self-propelled GST platform carries a the Soft Car 360 impactable vehicle target, which separates into lightweight parts on impact, avoiding damage to the test vehicle.

Soft Car 360

Soft Car 360 is a lightweight, durable vehicle target with the proven ability to perform the Euro NCAP 2020 LSS test at a closing speed of 144kph. It has been adopted by Euro NCAP and NHTSA as the Global Vehicle Target for safe ADAS testing.