Durability testing in focus

Solutions for durability and fatigue testing

How do vehicle components behave under extreme loads? In which areas is a component stressed and
how can it be optimized? How is the material fatigued after thousands of test kilometers of a prototype
fleet? Durability testing provides answers to all of these questions.

Measurement systems for extreme environments

imc CRONOS-SL for durability testing

  • IP65 protection rating – sealed measurement system
  • High precision signal conditioning for all common sensors
  • Autonomous PC-independent operation
  • Data storage onboard the system and/or PC and network drive
  • High sampling rates for dynamic measurements incl. sonic range
  • Modern wireless transmission options available

Life-time estimation with imc FAMOS

Data analysis for durability testing tasks

  • Support for level crossing calculation, time-at-level, rainflow counting, 2-dimensional histogram, etc.
  • Dedicated analysis functions for durability data on gearboxes and other rotating machinery
  • Lifetime estimation using rainflow matrices and S-N Wöhler curves
  • imc TrueMax function to increase peak value accuracy of raw strain-gauge data
  • Reconstruction of shaker excitation signals from rainflow matrices containing equivalent damage to the raw data