Worldwide smallest High Speed Stand Alone Camera

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Speedcam MicroVis, the smallest storage camera worldwide
The SpeedCam MicroVis is the first choice for all applications where high speed recordings are required in difficult-to-reach locations, or where space is extremely limited. The light sensitive sensor is surrounded by the most modern microelectronics combined with a unique housing design. This makes the SpeedCam MicroVis the smallest storage camera available worldwide. It can be used as a stand-alone solution, or operated with other cameras when connected together with our Linkbox.

SpeedCam MicroVis
• Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels at 1,000 fps
1,280 x 720 pixels at 500 fps
• Photosensitivity: 3,000 ASA monochrome; 2,000 ASA colour
• Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 32mm
• Shock: 200g at 11 ms
• Weight: 200 g
NANO LED lighting – the ideal combination.
Our NANO LED heads are the smallest and most powerful LED heads currently available on the market. Whenever and wherever high power lighting and large-area illumination is required in confined spaces, our NANO LED heads are the perfect solution. Two versions are available: the NANO7 LED head with 7,000 lm and the NANO 14 LED head with 14,000 lm luminous flux. The wide beam angle of 110° enables large-area illumination of objects.

Kowa 4/3-inch lens, High-G version
Exclusively we offer the Kowa 4/3-inch lens in the focal lengths of 8.5 mm and 12 mm in the shockproof version.
This makes it possible to portray large-format sensors without vignetting. These two focal lengths are only available in limited quantities.
High power 4432D LED lamp module – suitable for climate chambers
50,000 lumens per LED module
Temperature range of -50° C to + 90° C

The high power 4423D LED lamp module can be used without active cooling in a climate chamber. Its luminous flux of 50,000 lm and different lenses mean that a light output of 220,000 lux can be achieved at a distance of one metre.

The perfect solution for climate chambers
Water-cooled housing for HS-Vision SpeedCam models
Temperature range of -50°C to + 100°C

The demands made on high-speed cameras when used in a climate chamber are extreme, therefore additional protective measures are necessary. Our water-cooled housing is the solution for our SpeedCam MacroVis HS1 and HS2 high speed cameras, as well as for all SpeedCam EoSens mini models.

High power HiB-2 LED Module System
270,000 lux per LED head
Up to 4 LED heads can be connected

Compact, flexible and extremely powerful: these are the attributes of the new HiB-2 multi-head lighting solution. The lamp modules can be mounted individually, or mechanically connected to each other when increased lighting is required. Thanks to the newest LED technology, each head provides a light output of 270,000 lux at a distance of 50 cm. The intelligent control unit enables up to four modules to be controlled simultaneously.