Flight tests with multi-channel, robust measurement system

With the increasing complexity of the latest types of aircrafts, the requirements placed on today’s flight test systems have also increased. A wide variety of signals and sensors, as well as high channel counts from digital sources and aircraft buses, are acquired over multiple channels, monitored online and, synchronously stored in a common data sink. imc offers a modular flight test system based on imc measurement systems and video technology.

Solutions for flight testing:

The heart of the test set-up

The robust, airworthy test & measurement system allows for the combining of video information with data acquisition from thousands of channels. Both, rack and spatially distributed installation are possible. In addition to the data acquisition from a wide variety of analog sensors (and real-time calculations), the system supports  buses like ARINC, IENA, CAN, AFDX, etc. To stabilize the power supply, the imc system is equipped with UPS. Furthermore, the telemetric signal transmission saves time. By means of PCM, selected data will be transmitted online to the control center on the ground.

Ultra-light helicopter flight tests

Solution for data acquisition & analysis – applied by CURTI Costruzioni Meccaniche Spa

CURTI’s two-seater helicopter is manufactured in Castel Bolognese, Italy, headquarters of the CURTI industrial group, a family run business with more than 40 years of experience in the defense and aerospace subcontracting and co-engineering.
The safety rescue system development, validation and product launch phases of this project were co-financed by the EU, under the SME Instrument, Horizon 2020.
Being the only Italian-guided consortium that had made it into the winners list of 16 funded projects, the project features one of the few ultra-light helicopters in the world driven by a turbine engine – lighter, reliable, and with less vibration than traditional piston engines.

Aircraft certification testing

With a good product name, the intended application area is rather self-evident. This holds true for the twin engine turboprop “EV-55 Outback” manufactured by the Czech company, Evektor. The test department from Evektor has chosen imc measurement systems for durability testing on this new aircraft design.