Are you ready to upgrade to ArtemiS SUITE 11?

With the latest version, we now also offer Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS) within our software solution for sound and vibration analysis. In addition, we have integrated a variety of interesting new features that will make your job easier.

Highlights at a glance:

  • New Tool: Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)

Explore the dynamic behavior of mechanical structures directly within the software platform and animate it in the 3D model. It only needs a few simple steps.

  • Now fully integrated:

The new Recorder is now seamlessly integrated into ArtemiS suite. This makes the transition from data acquisition to analysis even more convenient.

  • New Feature: Measurement Point Library

Define and document the measurement points directly on your DUT and in the 3D model.
The new Recorder names the channels automatically and assists you in aligning the sensors.


Making work easier: Workbook

Interrupt sessions and continue where you left off: Simply save a snapshot of the tool window layout and all opened documents.