Tests on water, on ground and in the air


Testing with imc systems on fast patrol boats and government vessels
The Finnish company Marine Alutech Oy Ab produces professional work boats for navy, coast guard, sea rescue and port authority use. At sea trials, imc measurement systems likeimc C-SERIES are used to capture and record data from IMU systems and GPS sensors. Force, position, RPM and vibration signals, along with engine control data is collected simultaneously. The signals are later analyzed with the signal analysis software imc FAMOS and the results are used for improving the boat dynamics.

At a glance: imc C-SERIES

  • Cost effective, ready-to-go test & measurement system
  • Universal approach covers broadest range
  • Most portable imc data acquisition system
  • Simultaneous recording of analog, digital, and CAN/vehicle bus data
  • Up to 400 kS/s per system and up to 100 kS/s per channel
  • Universal signal conditioner
  • Sophisticated and intuitive triggering system
  • Integrated real-time analysis and data reduction
  • Standalone, remote or interactive operation (via Ethernet TCP/IP connection)

R&D test stand for steering motors
Recently, imc has delivered a turnkey R&D test stand for steering motors. The test stand comes with an integrated 24-channel imc CRONOScompact measurement system: the real-time measurement and open- & closed-loop control system is equipped with an ICPU2-8 amplifier for sound and vibration testing, two ISOF-8 amplifiers for fast, isolated measuring of voltage, current or temperature and an HRENC amplifier for incremental encoder or pulse signals. In addition to Ethernet, the imc CRONOScompact provides interfaces via CAN and FlexRay.
Visualization, recording, analysis and archiving of the measurement data are based on the software imc STUDIO Developer.

At a glance: imc CRONOScompact

  • Modular reconfigurable hardware, adaptable to changing testing requirements
  • Extensive control capabilities with multiple levels of open and closed loop and simulation
  • Simultaneous recording of analog, digital and field/vehicle-bus data
  • Up to 400 kS/s per system and 100 kS/s per channel
  • Supports virtually any physical sensor
  • Sophisticated and intuitive triggering system
  • Versatile storage options including onboard removable fl ash media
  • Networkable with other imc systems for synchronous acquisition of thousands of channels
  • Onboard real-time data analysis and reduction

Winglets: testing wing-end components

The Austrian company FACC Operations GmbH and its subsidiary CoLT, develop, manufacture and test lightweight components for leading aircraft and engine manufacturers. Due to their expertise as system partner for winglet concepts, they were commissioned by Airbus to design and manufacture winglets for the A350 XWB long-haul aircraft. Of course, extensive component testing of winglets also belongs within their range of services. For the component test stands FACC and CoLT have chosen test and measurement solutions from imc.