imc : Realtime NVH Analysis using imc wave.
With imc WAVE, temperature, strain or GPS can be recorded and signals and information from CAN vehicle buses are directly integrated. This follows a holistic testing approach, because after all, vehicles and machinery are increasingly being tested in their entirety. Analyses are carried out in real time: all recorded signals are directly calculated to meaningful result values and are evaluated according to relevant standards.

imc- Major Offerings in NVH

Software for sound and vibration analysis with imc measurement systems

Spectrum Analyzer


  • Sound power-level testing
  • Octave & 1/3-octave analysis
  • Frequency and time weighting
  • Vibration weighting
  • FFT analysis


Structural Analyzerstructural

  • Calculation of transfer functions (magnitude and phase)
  • Coherences
  • Auto-spectra & DOFs
  • Export to Excel or modal analysis software ME’ Scope™


Order Tracking Analyzer


  • Order tracking spectra based on measured RPM
  • Noise & vibration levels vs. RPM (various classifications)
  • Transfer functions vs. time and angle