AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics:
Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) started with vision to supply noise, vibration, and suspension engineering services to the automotive industry. ABD offer a range of noise/vibration (NVH) measurement & analysis system solutions, designed for testing automotive powertrain and power-steering products:

■ on test stands (end-of-line, audit, R&D, durability)
■ in-vehicle
■ pass-by

AB Dynamics – Major Offerings in NVH

PLATO – is a multi-channel hardware/software system solution
– is designed specifically for measuring noise/vibration (“NVH”) signatures of rotating machines such as automotive powertrain & power-steering products
– provides precision order-locked analysis, using a product shaft speed reference signal to synchronise data acquisition to exact shaft speed
– provides an automated data capture & processing environment in addition to in-depth interactive graphing / reporting
– provides expected order and unexpected (“ghost”) order grading / comparison metrics
– provides a range of add-on software modules to extend its capabilities in specific analysis and/or application areas

Systems are:

added to test stands for rapid end-of-line testing, more in-depth offline audit testing and “deep-dive” R&D testing

plato plato-1

used in vehicle for objective set-up & validation of test stand based systems and general NVH troubleshooting – please see separate brochure