Chassis Dynamometer


At The Peak of Performance For Five Decades

When designing engines and drivetrains for the future, you need a drive system that can meet not only the demands of today, but also the challenges that technology will place on the system in the future.
Working closely with our customers, Our engineers and designers are constantly striving to
push the performance envelope even further, with higher powers, higher speeds, more dynamic response and faster communications. Because much of what we builds is designed to meet a specific requirement, we have always been able to anticipate
changing market trends.
We have been quick to realise new technologies for testing all aspects of electric vehicle systems – from power packs to propulsion. We have incorporated performance characteristics within our drive systems to suit the new trend for smaller power units with fewer cylinders, higher power density and peak torques.


  • Nominal power 1.0 – 5,000kW
  • Supply voltages (1ph/3ph) – 230V, 460V, 520V, 575V, 690V
  • AC Input, DC Input and Regenerative Models
  • IGBT switching up to 30kHz
  • Frequency control up to 2,500Hz
  • Torque response 1 millisecond
  • Acceleration rates up to 300,000rpm/second
  • Motor speeds up to 120,000rpm
  • Torque estimator 0.5% accuracy (0.1% calibrated)
  • Dual Fast Vector Rotator
  • NVH Low noise speciality
  • Wide range of interface options
  • Battery Simulation up to 5MW, 2,200Vdc, 4,000A
  • Battery Pack Cycling up to 5MW, 2,200Vdc, 4,000A

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