Service Area:

NVH division of Amrita Automotive Research and Technology Center provides the following services

  • Consultancy work for  Noise reduction.
  • Consultancy work for Vibration reduction.
  • Turn key projects for Homologation of vehicles in terms of Noise and Vibration.
  • Training on Artemis suite software.

Facilities available

  • Listening studio
  • Modal lab

Software and Hardware

  • Listening studio with square software with Individual and Group listening facility
  • Sound level meter
  • Vibration Shaker
  • Impact Hammer
  • Tri axial Accelerometers
  • Seat-pad Accelerometers
  • Free field microphones
  • Head Lab Data Acquisition systems – 24 Channel
  • Artemis Analysis Software
  • HMS IV System (Dummy)
  • Squadriga I & II System with Head Microphones
  • Laser RPM sensors

Contact Details:

Mr. Ramanathan Srinivasan
0091 9818182308