Electric, Hybrid Vehicle & Battery Testing

ATS provides testing solutions to many OEMs, and Certifying agencies like ARAI, CIRT etc.
Test systems start with basic measurement of parameters like Current, Voltage, Temperature, Speed, Mileage etc for battery operated vehicle to a complete state of art containerized EV test facilities till End of line testing.

The various products that we can offer are:-
1. Motors & drives specially designed for EV applications.
2. Battery Emulators.
3. Motor Test Rigs.
4. Battery Pack Test facilities including Climatic Chamber, Vibration Shakers.
5. Conditioning modules for Current, Voltage, Temperature (Isolated) along with Data Acquisition System.
6. Chassis Dynamometer.
7. Transmission test rigs for EV and HEV applications.
8. Automation for EV test facilities.
9. Power Quality Analyzers.
10. Sensors, Modules, DAQ- Data Acquisition, Software for on-road evaluation of EV and HEV.
11. HIL- Hardware in loop test systems including vehicle/ road/ drive simulation for initial Powertrain development and optimization.
12. SIL- Software in loop / MIL- Motor in loop (Car maker, Truck maker Motorcycle maker etc).
13. EOL- End of line test facility for EV and HEV.
14. Completely customized turnkey systems including containerized test facility.

Contact Details:

Dr. Manoj Modani
0091 9871877144