Environmental and Other Chamber

Nanjing JIUDING Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Refrigeration Equipment and Air Handling Units in China. The company is a high-tech company integrating the technology, industry and trade, committed to create a joyful natural living space and a precise environment production. The company develops and manufactures refrigeration and air processing equipment for industrial, military and commercial sectors.

The company provides various high-quality and high-performance cooling and air conditioning technologies, owning more than 10 patents.

  • Refrigeration Equipment: Different types of chiller, the fluid temperature range -145℃~+32℃.
  • Air Handling Equipment: Different types of AHU, provide constant temperature/humidity /air pressure.
  • Environmental Simulation: Simulate various types of climatic environment by Refrigeration and Air Handling Equipment.

Climatic Environmental Chamber

Provide a simulated climatic environment in customer’s test site, can simulate atmospheric conditions and special integrated conditions as follows:

  • High temperature, Low temperature, or cycling test
  • High humidity, Low humidity, or cycling test
  • Solar simulation
  • IR simulation
  • Rain simulation
  • Sleet simulation
  • Fog simulation
  • Snow simulation
  • Salt fog simulation
  • Dust simulation
  • Wind speed simulation
    ●Atmospheric pressure simulation

Vehicle/Engine Test Environmental Simulation System

In order to improve the performance and security of passenger’ cars, commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, trains, subways and all kinds of vehicle, it will need several kinds of testing, at least including: emission testing, performance testing, low temperature startup testing, defrost and demist testing, high temperature performance testing, air conditioning heating/cooling testing and noise (NVH) testing, crash testing, vibration testing, the VOC testing, etc.

The environmental simulation system we provided for vehicle testing, could process the temperature, humidity, pressure, the quality of air, etc. And also can do the simulation of wind, frost, rain, snow, light, fog, sand dust and so on. We can supply normal test chamber, altitude test chamber, wind tunnel, etc.

All Turn-key projects include the manufacture, installation, commissioning of equipment and control system.