Design & Light Weightings

Improve automotive efficiency and performance through lightweighting innovations in component designing. Reimagine the design and materials of components including suspensions, windshields, bumpers, brake systems and more. Our design and lightweighting testing systems evaluate chassis assembly and axle system development, engineering design of components and interfaces, and electromobility.

Chassis Components

Chassis Assembly and Axle System Development & Weight Reduction

  • Concept definition and elastokinematics
  • Development of E/E scopes
  • mechatronic systems
  • packaging
  • structural components
  • system integration
  • Prototypes and construction of test vehicles
  • vehicle measurements
  • testing
  • releases
  • Series start-up support
  • project management


Engineering design of components and interfaces

  • MBS and FEM analyses for the powertrain
  • Fatigue and durability analyses of structural components
  • Design and evaluation of bolted and welded joints and connections
  • Development and validation of design methods
  • Topology and shape optimization


Our range of services related to the field of electromobility

  • Requirements definition for electrically driven axle systems
  • Conceptual design and modelling of electrically driven axle modules
  • Development of component and interface concepts
  • Integration of electrical components and sensors
  • Design and optimization of axle components and interfaces