EV Lab- Bangalore

Automotive Test Systems (ATS) is committed to the future of mobility. Our electric vehicle (EV) testing lab supports the development of EVs through state-of-the-art EV testing solutions. Our EV tech centre in Bengaluru in Karnataka, India provides engineering services for the testing of E-motors, battery testing, E-axle and transmission testing. The testing can support both axle performance using 3 dyno configuration and E-transmission/axle using 2 dyno configuration.

Motor Test Rigs:

10KW – Max 9000 RPM – Peak Torque -100 Nm
28KW – Max 15000 RPM -Peak Torque 200 Nm
257 KW – Max 18000 RPM -Rated Torque 500Nm

All the Motor Test Rigs can perform Four Quadrant Testing.

Battery Emulators – (Bi-Directional Power Supplies) – With Regenerative Supplies.

DC 70V & 450 Amps -15KW
DC 210V & 450 AMPS – 45 KW
DC 800V & 725 Amps- 255KW
DC 1200V & 1000 AMPS -500K

ATS also into the Test Rig Development for Motor Testing, Chassis Dyno & transmission testing.