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ATS announces new laboratory

ATS announces new laboratory in Pune, India

Automotive Test Systems (ATS) has established a new automotive testing facility in Bhosari under MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) in Pune, Maharashtra (India).The laboratory will focus on teardown analysis, reverse engineering, benchmarking, and component testing, among other facilities.

This world class facility offers wide range of services to the end customers under one roof:
1. Reverse engineering (benchmarking) using methodology like teardown (strip down) study of an aggregate or a complete vehicle a passenger car or commercial vehicles from capacity range of 0.5 to 50 Tons.
2. 3D scanning at component or aggregate or full body level with scan data
3. Cost analysis
4. Value analysis value engineering for identifying the hidden costs
5. Organizing brainstorming workshops for generation of out of the box ideas for cost and or weight reductions

Teardown benchmarking

Teardown benchmarking is an essential process in automotive development to understand the strategy of design, material usage, manufacturing, and other aspects of the existing product for enhanced new product development.

Tear down reveals the key components and features of the automobile, which paves the way for new vehicle development. Tear down helps automotive makers get the most out of their benchmarking activity.

These services help to understand the novelty, innovation, technology and learning which cater to the knowledge needs helping designer to develop the world class product. ATS is one of the few service providers in India to cater to the needs.