Direct CAN Option For DASH4PRO

The DASH4PRO can be used as a standalone CAN display with the optional CAN enhancement. With DBC file support the DASH4PRO display can be quickly configured to display variables from any CAN enabled system; whether it’s connected to a vehicle CAN bus, ECU or as a display for third party equipment with a CAN output/input.
The DASH4PRO’s CAN option comes complete with a range of built in CAN tools to aid troubleshooting, development and reverse engineering:
• Display all incoming CAN messages at 20, 50, 100, 125, 160, 250, 500 kbps or 1Mbit baud rates. Displaying as raw CAN to quickly check baud rate, and scroll through individual messages.
• Check incoming addresses, frequency and see raw CAN addresses and their values.
DBC file compatibility makes setting up the DASH4PRO’s display screens quick and easy. CAN variables can be simply dragged from the variable manger and dropped onto the relevant control (e.g. numeric display) on the screen. Layout multiple screens of information with five text sizes, bar charts and graphs. CAN variables can also be displayed on the bi-colour LED scales. Each side can be configured independently, showing critical variables and statuses in a clear format.

New CAN output commands help to integrate the DASH4PRO with third party equipment, with CAN messages being output to control other equipment. CAN commands can be output when the display screen is changed (useful for changing testing scenarios), or when a button (or combination of buttons) is pressed.