Battery Pack Test facilities including Climatic Chamber, Vibration Shakers

Battery Simulation and Battery Cycling – Fixed and Portable Solutions

We have been building and supplying battery simulation and battery testing systems. In response to market requirements We developed a flexible solution for battery testing. These can be configured as both a battery simulator or a battery cycler, purely by changing parameters. If the test requirements change in the future the equipment can be reconfigured.
Each module is 250kW (cont) 300kW (peak) at 700A and 1100VDC.
These units can be operated totally independently or the outputs can be combined and synchronised to provide up to 1MW and 2,800A


  • Battery testing < 5MW / 2,200Vdc / 4,000A
  • Battery simulation < 5MW / 2,200Vdc / 4,000A


  • Voltage ±0.05% full scale
  • Current ±0.05% full scale
  • Resolution 16bit
  • Current slew rate – 50,000 amps/sec (Typical)
  • Voltage slew rate – 10,000 volts/sec (Typical)
  • Configurable output resistance ±1,000m ohms


  • PWM frequency – 1-20kHz
  • Delay Time – <1ms
  • Rise time – <0.63ms
  • Settle time – <2ms


  • Integrated Li-ion battery model
  • High accuracy remote LEM


Contact Details:

Dr. Manoj Modani
0091 9871877144