Dynamic Balancing Machines

BEP- CIMAT – to provide state of art Dynamic Balancing Machines, who are high-tech designer and manufacturer of balancing machines for R&D dept and for Production Dept. 

  1. They design, create and deliver best quality dynamic balancing machinesfor OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and testing labs- all over the world.
  2. All BEP-CIMAT Dynamic Balancing Machines meet ISO Standards including URR Test.
  3. Unique and best feature of CIMAT Dynamic Balancing Machines is automated loading, testing, identifying, welding or drilling, unloading all in the same machine.
  4. Balancing machines are available for a range of applications from small portable to big rotor for turbine such as Tyre, Brake & drum, wheel balancing etc etc.
  5. BEP-CIMAT can custom make as per your need.
  6. Our strong installation, commissioning, after sales support of 120 trained engineers in India.

Dr Manoj Modani
Tel +91-9871877144
Email: manoj.modani@ats-india.com